DN32 PN16 Bronze Flanged Globe Valve, Bolted Bonnet (IN USA)


DN32 PN16 Bronze Flanged Globe Valve

Bolted Bonnet

Bronze Trim

(140mm OD, 100 BC, 4 x 18)

150mm Face to face

8.7 kg


Bronze flamged globe valve with bronze disc and seat, pressure rating PN16, straight pattern, flat faced flanges according to DIN PN 10/16, bolted bonnet, outside screw & yoke.
Application The valves offer good resistance to corrosive action of seawater, fresh water and waste water.


Application area Aboard ships, etc. but also in installations where internal or external corrosion is undesirable.


­Standard: DIN ­ Connection: Flange ­ 

Pressure rating: PN 16 ­ 

Operation/Actuation: Hand wheel ­ 

Sealing: Bronze ­ 

Standard face to face length: Factory standard ­

Stem seal type: Gland seal ­ 

Primary spindle seal material: Graphite ­ 

Type of bonnet: Bolted bonnet ­ 

Type: Globe valve ­ 

Spindle and/or hand wheel rising: Yes ­ 

Seat material: CC491K ­ 

Body material: Bronze ­ 

Material quality: CC491K ­ 

Disc material: CC491K ­ 

Qualitiy class spindle: CuZn39Pb3 (CW614N) ­ 

Actuator material: Cast iron ­ 

Material cover: CC491K ­ 

Material cover gasket: PTFE ­